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VNARP connects with real estate professionals, its affiliates and the Vietnamese community nationwide. We seek to expand and grow our network, empower our community and we are actively looking for people to join our leadership team. Our core values include education, empowerment, community, network and business development.



Satturday, September 16th, 2023





Regular ticket: $200/each

VIP Ticket: $300/each

King/Queens Table Individual Ticket: $500/each

VNARP SoCal Installation GALA

VNARP presents new chapter in Southern California.
Congratulations to Mindy Luong and VNARP Southern California Leadership team for a successful lift-off of a much-needed platform for our Vietnamese Real Estate Professional & affiliates. The largest Vietnamese population by the County is now has a resources hub to the entire California.



VNARP l Vietnamese National Association of Real Estate Professionals reaches out to all real estate professionals, colleagues, business partners, friends, family and our entire network to collaborate with us to provide assistance as we embarked together on our aspirations to build a better tomorrow within our communities. To be involved in our community means we each take a part in making a difference. Giving back is among the most important things we can do and as an organization, we’re able to achieve a lot more together. In order to build a better tomorrow, we have to start today!


VNARP & SJVRC Gives Back: Tet Food Distribution (Drive-Thru)

Currently, in unprecedented times, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic resulted in job and income loss to more hunger and financial hardship leaving many families everywhere struggling to purchase groceries, especially during the holidays.
We are hoping you can join our efforts by donating or serving as a sponsor for VNARP & SJVRC Gives Back: Tet Food Distribution on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2021. We will be partnering with the Reaching Out Center, whose mission to assist those in need by providing food and basic life necessities in Santa Clara County.

 Disaster Relief Effort

VNARP and VietDreams have joined hands to raise money for Disaster Relief. With the same goal in mind, we hope others will help our cause by donating to support those affected. We are accepting donations via Paypal on our VNARP website, where 100% of the proceeds( with the exception of Paypal’s 2.5% fee) will go to the relief and recovery efforts for those affected by disasters. We are also accepting donations for our Fundraiser on VietDreams’ website. Let’s reach our goal together!

VNARP for Disaster Relief

In recent events, there is nothing worse than watching families lose their homes and everything they’ve worked hard for. In times of need, we must come together and do what we can as a community. Your support and donations will help the families whose lives have been affected by the many disasters happening such as Hurricane Harvey and Northern California fires. The funds will go directly to the victims for disaster relief, recovery and to help regain self-sufficiency. While we have been steadily monitoring the events, we are seeking volunteers and donors. VNARP had joined forces with KWMega Relief along with over 1,500 real estate professionals to provide direct and onsite assistance to create a bigger impact in the relief efforts in Beaumont, TX.

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