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VNARP for Disaster Relief

In recent events, there is nothing worse than watching families lose their homes and everything they’ve worked hard for. In times of need, we must come together and do what we can as a community. Your support and donations will help the families whose lives have been affected by the many disasters happening such as hurricane harvey and Northern California Fires. The funds will go directly to the victims for disaster relief, recovery and to help regain self-sufficiency. While we have been steadily monitoring the events, we are seeking volunteers and donors. VNARP had joined forces with KW Mega Relief along with over 1,500 real estate professionals to provide direct and onsite assistance to create a bigger impact in the relief efforts in Beaumont, TX.

Vietnamese National Association of Real Estate Professionals (VNARP) is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and empower real estate professionals and industry leaders to drive sustainable homeownership to our community. Our objective is to yield a gateway to our community by providing a network of professionals that are dedicated to quality services to advance homeownership through education, advocacy, networking and community outreach.

Giving Donations to Disaster Relief Victims

Stories From Hurricane Harvey

Meet Mr. Muong and Mrs. Liem. Their home was completely flooded neck-high. Unfortunately, they do not have home insurance and FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) does not have enough finances to help them cover for their losses either. After selflessly saving his handicapped neighbor, Mr. Muong was trapped himself for hours in his home until he was finally rescued by a helicopter. 

Two weeks has passed and their harrowing situation seems to have only gotten slightly better. They have a dry spot in the house to sleep in, but they still have no electricity. They have been working tirelessly to clean the mess that Hurricane Harvey has left behind and are trying their best to pick up the pieces. There are more families like Mr. Muong and Mrs. Liem who need your help. Any amount of donation would help them put their lives back together. 

VNARP and VietDreams have joined hands to raise money for Disaster Relief. With the same goal in mind, we hope others will help our cause by donating to support those affected. We are accepting donations via Paypal on our VNARP website, where 100% of the proceeds( with the exception of Paypal’s 2.5% fee) will go to the relief and recovery efforts for those affected by disasters. We are also accepting donations for our Fundraiser on VietDreams’ website. Let’s reach our goal together! 

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 Donation receipts are issued by Viet Dreams Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity non-profit organization - EIN:27-4115634